4U Electrical limited is a company that is proud to be in the electrical industry for all this time. We have been in the industry for over ten years. We have made a name for our company when it comes to offering electrical services for various sectors. At the moment we are intensely focusing on providing services for the industrial sector. But we have not limited our services to this sector only. We have also diversified our services to cater to other needs for different clients. 4U Electrical limited is an ISO certified company. The company is always working with authorities to ensure everything is up to code.

For the industrial sector, we offer many services. They include repair, maintenance, upgrading, electrical distribution, wiring, lighting services, switchboard maintenance, transform, and generator installation. The list is endless for more information; please visit our offices or our website.

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To be able to handle all the work that comes with offering electrical services to our clients, we have had to employ only the best. With that said we have certified and experienced engineers/electricians who are available to offer these services. Through our competent staff, 4U Electrical Limited has grown from a small company to a now reputable electrical service company. We employ only the best. We train them and put them to work. The training comes in handy and enables us to maintain the highest standards that come with offering electrical services.

We have worked for companies in different sectors starting with industries, hotels, resorts, clothing stores, warehouses, supermarkets, university, colleges and many more.



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In the past, we have signed contracts with different clients with some been one time contract. But in the long run, these same clients point other clients our way or revert to us when a new project comes up. Besides the usual contracts for some of the services mentioned above, we also offer maintenance services and upgrading of old systems.



As a way of improving the performance of electrical systems, we do offer maintenance services to our clients. We start by evaluating your old system and come up with a plan of how the maintenance services will be provided. Our engineers will develop the perfect plan to offer the services. BGO casinoDepending on your company services will be offered quarterly, semiannually or annually.  Besides the plans mentioned, we are more than capable of handling monthly maintenance services.

In addition to the above services, one of our most sort after service is system replacement and upgrading services. Together with our competent experts, we provide system upgrades. Some of our clients have had to completely shut down their systems to facilitate upgrading since some of these industries are using old outdated systems. We will upgrade your entire system with new power cut outs, industrial system control panels, fire alarms, install new cables, switch panels and distribution power systems. In the end, we will finish off with the installation of an automated system with an auto backup generator. We will also train your staff on how to use the new system before we hand it over.



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As a way of promoting the use of renewable energy, we are at the forefront of promoting the use of solar and wind power to help prevent global warming. We are trying our best to increase the use of renewable energy. While offering our services, we do encourage our clients to think of installing solar panels to help reduce their dependence on electricity. Our experts will advise you on the best solar panels to use and will handle the installation process. Although the initial installation might be costly at first, they are worth investment.



4U Electrical Limited also runs a blog alongside its website. From the blog, our electricians offer advice on how to handle issues related to electrical faults. Additionally, we also provide guides on how you can check if the electrical services offered are up to code. In addition to all the above, we post useful content on preventive measures to prevent any faults. Similarly, right at our blog readers can get information concerning electrical faults to watch out in their premises.



At 4U Electrical we are always in search of brilliant engineers and technicians to join our team. As our company keeps growing, we need extra hands to handle the work. If you are the person we are looking for, please drop your CV at our offices. We can either employ you on a contract basis or a permanent basis.



Alongside all the above services we have a team of staff who deal with domestic and other small projects in our company. Most of the services are in homes. But also in small offices, business premises among others. These are small projects that don’t require a lot of staff. And instead of us turning you away we have the people to handle such projects.

4U Electrical Limited is a reputable firm that is here only to provide the best. In that case, we have put in place measures to ensure services are the best.


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